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      From the forum description it looks like here’s the place to put some photos, so I’ve attached one of my install.

      My system is maybe a little more complex than the normal install. When I had the house built, I wanted to have enough power to have a decent feed to a shop. So I specified two 200 amp services. This was good because then I could run a 125 amp sub panel in my shop. The extra panel also came in handy when I upgraded the HVAC from a gas furnace to a high efficiency heat pump.

      For my initial install, I’ve only got a single Vue with the expansion module. It’s installed in the panel that has my HVAC and some high current appliances. So the main clamps are telling me what the panel is drawing and then I’ve got the eight individual circuits that include the following:

      Electric furnace (2), Heat Pump, Oven/Range, Dryer, Microwave, Dishwasher, Washing Machine

      Here’s an overall view.

      Panel 1

      I still have the other panel that needs to be setup. I was thinking I could use another setup like my first panel, including clamps on the feed lines to the shop. Looking at the gauge of those wires, I think I’ll just need another base unit with the larger clamps. Therefore I’ll have three base systems and 16 circuits and my shop being monitored.

      The install was pretty straight forward but it was a bit nerve racking to be working in the panel in the area where the panel feed was coming in. It would have been nicer if I could have disconnected at the meter base. I took the appropriate safety precautions and it all worked out.

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      Jim @Emporia
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      This is totally the right forum, Mike @gizmo-bowen. Looks like your google photo may not have public access permission. But we definitely encourage everyone to err on the side of caution when dealing with their electrical panel. We’re glad you’re thinking about safety. We’re also excited to hear what you learn from your setup and what we can do to make your experience better. Thanks for sharing!

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      Here’s the link again. Maybe it’ll work.

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      I have two Vue2 units with 16 CTs each and two 200amp mains with 4 breakers in one panel and 22 breakers in another.  I have a GeoThermal HVAC system and have been curious how much the backup plenum heating elements are used.  From diagrams I can seen the three 240v circuits used are not balanced due to motor circuits used across single legs of the 3 240v breakers, thus have placed 6 CTs across the three breakers associated with this system. On the other panel 240v breakers I’ve also placed dual CTs since a dryer also uses a 120v motor thus only on one leg, another 100amp 240v breaker is also using dual CTs since it feeds another 100amp subpanel in another portion of the home which was an old fuse panel updated to circuit breakers which is not individually monitored yet, but most subpanels are not balanced. To monitors the 22 breakers on one panel I borrowed 9 CTs off of the lightly loaded second Vue2. The 9 CT wires are passed between the adjoining Main panels via a short 1.5inch diameter conduit I placed between the bottom of the two main panels.  I am waiting for a future release of the app where I can logically assign the 9 borrowed CTs to the proper Vue2 so as to correctly balance the sub CTs with the mains.   Till then it’s a bit of a game, but manageable.

      My background is as a SCADA Systems Electronics Engineer/Programmer for WAPA’s Upper Great Plains operating area, where we are responsible for bulk power transmission and generation management for 6 state region.  Thus have practical experience in the area as well as educational backgrounds in engineering physics, electrical engineering and computer science degrees.

      2 vue2s 2 200amp mains & 35 circuits

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