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      Hi new here,

      I am considering adding the Vue Gen2 to help with the following:

      I own a Hybrid Solar system with battery backup and a critical load sub panel.
      In Addition to the main inverter dual pole breaker located in the main house panel, I also have a few extra panels that are on micro inverters, and are coming into the house panel on their own dual pole breaker.
      I have monitoring for the main Solar inverter / battery / critical loads, but not for the extra panels on micro inverter, or the large load left in the house panel. So I am considering adding the Vue Gen2 to help with that.
      This would allow me to monitor the production of the Panels on Micro inverters as well as the AC output of the Main Inverter (Inverter monitoring is DC in), and therefore check the inverter efficiency as well as help troubleshoot potential issues on either of the solar sources.

      I have read quite a bit here and found answers on a lot of questions I had, but below are some I have not found an answer for and I would love to get any input or clarification before making the jump.

      1- I understand that right now the Vue computes power using the CT measured Amps and a fixed 120V. Does the hardware actually measures the true voltage, and if so, is there a plan to actually use true Volts in the future, and make voltage available in the data download?

      2- One troubleshooting tool for solar is to be able to track power factor. Does the hardware measure the power factor to compute Watts, or it just computes VA?
      (Normally than would imply we would tell the system what Line (L1 or L2) each CT is actually located which I found no mention of)

      2-a- If the HW measures the power factor, any plan to make that available in the data download?


      Thank you for any information, and looking forward to joining the community

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      I will add the answers I got from support chat

      Gen 2 measures true Voltage and phase (PF) to calculate power. It apparently self detects which CT is on which leg during setup.

      These data may be available in the download in future releases


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