No space inside. Install unit outside breaker panel?

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      I just bought a unit with 8 sensors and am having issues with installation.

      It seems I don’t have enough space in my electrical panel even though it is bigger than most.

      Also, since it’s about 36″ high, the cables are a bit too short, they would need to be about 6″ longer.


      So I’m thinking of installing the unit outside the panel instead of inside.

      I would wire the 4 power supply ac wires to a 120/240V plug outside the unit. The plug would on it’s own  double pole breaker.

      The wires for the sensors would go inside via the precut hole, since the antenna would not need that hole.

      I believe all this would be legal.

      Has anyone been in this situation? Is this the way to go?

      I am open to other suggestions.


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @madoues,

      Customers have installed their Vue outside of the panel as you can see an example below.   The only question I have is how you will power the Vue, with the Vue we do need to be able to measure voltage from both of your phases.   It sounds like you are going to power the Vue through a 120v/240v outside plug.   As long as you have both the Black and Red connected to each phase of your panel this will be fine.

      You can also use audio cable to extend the length of the sensors if you need.   We do not sell them, but they are very commonly found on various web sites.   200A sensors have 3.5 mm jack/port and the 50A sensors have 2.5mm jack/port.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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      Ok thanks for the reply.

      I didn’t think a separate metal enclosure was necessary, but maybe it is, to stay legal.

      I would run the ac lines in the pipe back to breakers in the panel.

      Maybe 3/4″ pipe will be needed instead of just 1/2″.


      Yes, I knew I could put audio extensions on the CTs, but it’s just for 6″.

      There are likely many houses nowadays that have bigger panels.

      Maybe in the future you could sell CTs with longer wires, even a foot longer would be better.

      Just a suggestion…




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