Notifications do no work on a Multiplied Circuit

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      I have a single clamp on my 240V well pump. I have set a 2x multiplier (well actually 1.88 multiplier as I have calculated the imbalance between the 2 legs).
      Actual draw is about 480W when running or with the multiplier about 900W when running

      It seems notifications will not trip on the multiplier? Do I need to set them on the unmultiplied value for the circuit?

      I have 2 notifications setup on the circuit.
      excess draw over 1kW for 10 seconds – The idea being if the pump starts drawing more power then normal I will get notified
      Excess run time .9kW for 30 minutes – The idea being if the pump runs continuously for more then 30 minutes to get notified.

      I will do some testing with setting the thresholds for the unmultiplied values. It seems that would be a bug though. Can you confirm from your end if this is the case?


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      Kind of fixed itself. I turned the multiplier off then back on again and now the notifications seems to be working ok. Might be related to the order that the notifications are created in relation to the multiplier being applied…

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