Only one voltage reading, cannot figure out what I am doing wrong

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      Hello, I have a Sense installed which is working perfectly, but purchased a Vue because I wanted better monitoring of 240-volt loads like A/C and electric vehicles.  I have a standard 240/120 volt split phase US electrical service and am installing the Vue according to the instructions for this set-up (red and black to the outputs of a 240-volt breaker, confirmed ~233 volts between them, and white and blue to neutral), but setup repeatedly fails, telling me that only one voltage is detected and to move the red wire up and down.  Doing this would result in it being on the same phase as the black wire, and does not even work when I try.

      I have measured voltage at the end of the 4-pin connector where it plugs into the Vue and get 233-235 between red and black, and 115-120 between either red or black and either blue or white.  As far as I can tell, everything is wired as it should be.  Is my Vue just defective?

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      Definitely sounds like your Vue2 is defective.  Start a Chat with Emporia – they are very helpful and responsive that way.

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      Update: Haven’t had time to contact tech support yet but as a test, I temporarily installed the Vue on my garage sub-panel instead.  Same wires connected to the same places and working perfectly there.

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      Update: Spoke to tech support today.  They accessed my unit and apparently it is reading weird voltages and phase angles that should not even be possible given my installation and service type.  New unit is being sent.

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      Solved.  Problem turned out to be a defective wi-fi antenna.

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