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      Since the system isn´t able to measure the Power factor, it would be great if you could add a power factor setting for each sensor


      As power factor can vary massively when appliances are off, one setting when system is using low power and different setting when consumption goes above a certain predetermined load.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      Hello @Beefycakerson, thanks for your inquiry about the power factor setting.   The Vue Gen 2 does measure voltage, current and phase to calculate power.

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      Hi there,

      just recently got a vue2 and while I can see how power factor may be calculated for the 2/3 main CTs, for the 8/16 smaller CTs I do not think the power factor is being calculated. I see circuits being measured with 80W capacitive, which in real power only consume 35 W.

      I assume one would need to specify which smaller circuit matches which phase ( I have a three phase system) so phase shift could be calculated and with it real power as opposed to reactive / capacitive.

      Could you please confirm/comment ?

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