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      My solar array is showing as putting out about -600 watts in the middle of the night. I imagine this is really 600 watts of power going to the microinverters. If there was a way to have a plus or minus watt offset setting or software to compensate for this discrepancy, would have more accurate measurement of energy consumption/production.Thanks.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      @Zim thanks for reaching out to us regarding you nighttime readings from your solar array.  This is actually a result of how the Vue measures power. The Vue only measures apparent power since we don’t measure voltage.  While your inverters do pull some energy overnight, this draw is overstated since the Vue assumes this current is at 120V.  We are working on a software solution to offset this and hope to have something in the coming months.  Also, please see the below link that explains this in greater detail.


      This post is about the ‘apparent’ watts my inverters consume when shut down of a night.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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