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      It would be nice to be able to quickly switch between units on the monitoring page. Right now it takes 4 clicks/taps and going through sub-menus to switch. “Dollars” and “Watts” are by far the two most useful units, and being able to toggle between the two by tapping on the “Usage” field in the monitoring page would be fantastic.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Good Afternoon! Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with navigating through the app and changing between units. We definitely agree there are many enhancements that can be made and we love the idea of a toggle between Dollars and Watts. This specific feature has been sent on to the development team for review.

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      Would like to +1 this. Requesting this feature was actually the reason I signed up for this forum. Nice to see that others think it is needed as well. 🙂

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