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      I am confused by the amps and watts readings I am getting for double pole, 240v circuits.  I have one CT on one leg and have the multiplier set to 2.  An example readout is 38 amps and 4588 watts, but that makes no sense.  38A @ 240V is 9120W, and 4588W @ 240V is 19A,  Which reading is correct?  What’s going on with these readings?  Thank you.

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      I put a clamp ammeter on each wire at the breaker and it read 19 amps, at the time the app was reporting 38 amps.  So the app reports the actual amperage times the multiplier.  It seems like this is a programming bug that could be corrected.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      Hello @kkl  When you set the multiplier to 2, the app will double every value it is showing (dollars, amps, power, etc).  If you choose to show data in amps, the app will double the AMPS to arrive at the correct Wattage, because the app always multiplies everything by 120 V.   We are looking at correcting this in future App updates.


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      Good catch, @kkl.  Marty and Support, you didn’t say how you plan on addressing it, but let me suggest this as an alternative to the current multiplier on the Circuit config screen.

      “Current sensor on only one pole of multi-pole circuit” checkbox

      Then the Vue will use that declaration and the info it obtains from its black, red, blue wires to figure out the rest.

      “Adjust amps for unsensed pole(s)” number box

      Allowing a positive or negative number representing the amps difference the user has observed with an ammeter in the poles that are not being sensed.

      I’d use this adjuster for my electric clothes dryer where the leg that runs the 120v motor and half of the 240v heating element draws 5 amps more than the leg that doesn’t power the motor.  If this could also be a percentage and not an absolute number, it would support many other scenarios.

      The current multiplier does address both of these, but it is not enough info to show the correct amps.

      What do you think?



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