Showing balance even when monitoring every circuit

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      Hello all,

      I have a Vue 2 monitoring a sub-panel. I have every breaker monitored (even the breaker that’s connected to the vue) but the app still shows a balance. I did some troubleshooting by turning off one breaker at a time and narrowed it down to my water filtration system. When on it is drawing roughly 60 watts. This is the value that is shown on the balance circuit. I’ve tried switching the sensors but it’s still showing 0 value on the circuit but ~60 watts on the balance circuit. I’ve checked the circuit by unplugging my water filtration system and plugging in a regular lamp. This showed a value on the circuit and no balance. My water filtration system uses a ultraviolet light as part of it. So I’m a little puzzled as to why the individual circuit is showing 0 value and balance showing the value that is drawn by the filtration system.



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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi Tony,

      We would be glad to look into this for you, if you could reach out to our support team via Chat, Email or phone(can get this info directly from the app) so we can help you resolve the issue.


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      It looks like with the latest update to the app my water filtration system is showing a value. Although I’m still seeing a balance when every circuit is being monitored. The balance now is around 20 watts. This might be due to accuracy of the readings on some of the circuits so I can live with that. Hopefully with new updates this will be totally fixed.

      thanks ,


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      Support and Development, what is the fix for this?  I guess it is unreasonable to expect the sensors (current transformers) and voltage and phase sensing to be 100% accurate when not even the utility meter does that.

      Should we be tweaking our multipliers to get rid of a “Balance” when all circuits are monitored?

      Or perhaps Emporia would entertain adding a Vue config checkbox something like:

      All circuits are monitored.  Hide Balance unless greater than 3% of Main.

      And behind the scenes, it could evenly distribute the phantom balance between all the channels.  And it would need to account for solar backfeed too.


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