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      Please consider integration of SmartThings for control of your smart plugs. There are some things unique to SmartThings not available with Google home or Amazon Alexa. In particular, I would like to use a Samsung smart tag through SmartThings to control an Emporia smart plug.

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      I’d probably buy more Smart Plugs from Emporia if I could see and control them in my SmartThings Hub.

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      +1 for this request.

      Lack of SmartThings support is one of the features keeping me from investing more in Emporia products.

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      Emporia Staff

      Hey @kcole313 and @pharbrian,

      Our team is aware of the requests for SmartThings integrations. I don’t have a timeline of when that feature may become available, but our team definitely has it on the radar.

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      Looking forward to becoming a customer once you guys have a device type handler for SmartThings!

      Your product looks great and I really want the capability to monitor so many individual circuits.  I’d have already purchased Eydro because of their ST integration, if they had your capability to monitor individual circuits.

      I’m not so interested in controlling Emporia smart plugs, as I am in using information about when circuits switch on or off (or exceed some current threshold) to trigger other actions in Smartthings.  I think about 1 minute lag is fine for this – similar to what the EcoBee API/DTH seems to deliver from their cloud integration with ST.  Please consider this in your development plans for API and ST DTH development.

      I’ll keep following this thread closely, and plan to buy right away, once the capability exists.

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