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      Anyone having issues with frequent smart plug failures?  Over the last 6 weeks or so I have had perhaps half a dozen smart plugs fail.  Almost quicker than I can replace them.  They go into a rapid cycling of power, constantly clicking on and off.  The led light will simultaneously cycle between blue and red.  Several have ultimate just died completely.  Wondering if perhaps I have had a surge… but I do have a surge protector on my main circuit panel.

      These have been installed not more than one year.

      Perplexed and frustrated in Denver!

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      Emporia Support
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @rjjones4314, we are very sorry about this inconvenience and realize it is frustrating.   We believe we have identified the issue and corrected it.   If you continue to have your plugs fail, please be sure to contact our support team directly and we can investigate further.



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      I just had this issue occur as well. One started cycling on and off rapidly on 6/20.  Luckily I caught it because the device it was powering makes a beep when turned on so I heard the constant beeping. Then today I just had another one start the same issue. My biggest concern is damage to the device plugged into it having it power on and off constantly until I notice the issue. I have almost 20 smart plugs in use and I feel like I need to remove them all to be safe.

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