SmartPlug schedule – allow 1-minute granularity

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas SmartPlug schedule – allow 1-minute granularity

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      For SmartPlug scheduling, the app only allows start/stop at 5-minute granularity. I would really like to have 1-minute granularity.

      I would use this for a hot water recirculating pump. In my house, it takes 2 minutes for hot water to reach the furthest tap. I don’t want to run the recirculator pump 24/7 because it draws 90W and would add 790 kWh per year. Instead, I would like it to run for 2 minutes out of every 20 minutes and only during waking hours. This would reduce it to something like just 59 kWh/year.

      I actually have this setup running on a competitor’s smart plug, but I’d like to retire that and have everything under Emporia.

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