Solar circuit also has loads but always reads negative

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      I’m monitoring a circuit feeding the battery backed-up loads in my barn through a grid-tied inverter.  When PV input exceeds the loads on that circuit it probably* indicates the net power being sold to grid correctly as a negative number, but when the opposite is true it still indicates negative power flow when it should be positive.  It appears Vue always consider s any circuit labeled solar as a negative number.  Is there any way for it to factor in the direction of power flow so that the polarity accurately reflects consumption vs. generation?

      *I say “probably” because I’m really not sure.


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Good Day @joacchim!   You are correct, any circuit labeled solar will report negative flow.  The 50 amp sensors are directional, however currently the firmware does not support that functionality.   We do plan on updating the firmware in the future to allow the 50 amp sensor to recognize energy flow in both directions.

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      Thanks Marty.  I have a followup question:  If a load is purely inductive, does the Vue still report power flow (in watts)?  I ask because I’m troubleshooting high power flow where there shouldn’t be any and want to find out if what I’m seeing isn’t “real”.

      If this belongs in a new thread, let me know and I’ll repost – Thanks!  – Mike

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