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      Hi Community

      My installation is in the Uk on a single phase 240v breaker board.

      Im newbie but have read as much as possible, but have questions and sent the following  to Emporia support , but would be interested in any community feedback too ?

      My Vue Gen 2 as recently been installed in my house in the UK where  I also have a PV solar system installled .

      My house mains system is 240v single phase .

      I have 1x 200A CT on Live side cable , in coming into my main breaker board

      I connected 50A CT’s to each breaker circuit to be measured . The K is facing breaker and the L facing direction of Load

      During set up I connected a 50A CT on to my Solar PV conection wire which is  Breaker Fed wiring.

      I have added and named all circuits on 50A  CT’s including one as ‘Solar ‘ .

      I have followed on screen instructions on App to add solar, and connected 1 CT on Solar Live conductor only , the CT with K facing to invertor and L facing breaker as instructed in solar supplement .

      The app Shows ‘Total usage ‘ INCLUDING what the solar produces from the 50A CT’s on Solar wire , and does show ‘  NET Usage ‘ as a low percentage at times when solar production is high .  Solar production showing Green Graph of solar energy feed in NET usage screen.

      But at one point I found a screen showing Import and Export to grid. It showed No Export even though there were Green peaks in Net useage , showing a Green graph , only,  no Blue house energy usuage.  ( Why can I not find Import / Export Screen anymore ? )

      I want to follow to see when and how much energy  I am sending back to the Grid  ‘UNUSED ‘ that I could maybe store in a battery at home ? I cannot find the Import and Export Screen now? .

      Look forward to any thougths from the Emporia community .

      Many thanks 🙂



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