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      Hi There,

      When I first installed the app and added my 15 circuits they all appeared in the “seconds” display. Now after a couple of days of running I am missing 2 circuits of my total 15. These 2 missing circuits only appear in the month and year view. This causes a 2.4KW balance which is not ideal for monitoring.

      I am missing “Front  Air conditioner” and “Unknown Circuit”  Is it possible to get them back into the seconds monitoring. (I did add emporia to my home assistant around the same time this started happening with the HACS integration:


      Image of my Devices / Circuit naming in the settings


      Image of the Seconds view in the home tab



      Image of the Month view in the home tab:



      Any suggestions on getting them back to seconds monitoring is muchly appreciated 🙂 Thanks

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      Hello @derf,

      If you are no longer seeing a sensor listed on the Home Screen please make sure the jack is securely seated in the port of the device (they can get jostled loose when things are getting routed and the panel gets closed up).   If you can confirm that is it plugged in all the way, try moving it to a different port to see if the issue follows the sensor or if the port was the cause.

      Please reach out to our support team if you need further assistance.


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