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      This has been suggested in Product Ideas before, but I made a quick and dirty example (totally made up values in Excel, just for example purposes) of a stacked graph looking at “Main”.  Maybe only break out the top n circuits contributing to usage, or any circuit over 200 watts?  As I’m watching the Main graph and it spikes, I go back to “Home” and have to look at the list/numbers to decipher what may have turned on.   It would be epic to be able to click on a colored area and go right to it’s graph, but I think being able to see circuits consuming a lot would be 9 tenths of the way there…

      Is this of interest to anyone else?



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      It seems pretty clear that if they have taken no action on this front in the almost 2 years since my first post requesting it,  either not enough people have asked for it or it’s too hard for them to implement. But it would be a useful feature, so everyone else who thinks so should chime in now.

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