tabulated data with columns scroll-able horizontally for duration comparison

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas tabulated data with columns scroll-able horizontally for duration comparison

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      It’s great to be able to see tabulated data at home page with different monitoring line for vertical comparison.  However, it would be even better if the data can be scrolled horizontally as well for comparing data during different period, while the left header column is locked, like a real spreadsheet.  Also, it would be nice if the displayed data can be switched among $, W,%, etc by one button on top.
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      Marty @Emporia
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      Hello @jinlsui – Thank you so much for your feedback on scrolling horizontally on the home page.  I will definitely get this to our development team for review.    In terms of changing the displayed data with one button on top,  I’m not sure I follow.   We do have the ability to switch units by tapping the current unit displayed, which opens a drawer with the units listed, and then when you click to another unit, the selection drawer closes and brings up the selected unit of measurement.



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