The cloud is just spinning..

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      No data in the app, spinny circle 🙁

      From browsing the forum I understand your business model is cloud-only and no local access is provided.

      Yet I have no cloud data.

      I am a few days inside the Amazon return window, should I be returning the Vue since no local + no cloud = disappointment.

      Based on the support forum, there was an outage 6 days ago.  Looks like a pattern.

      Please advise.

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      Looks like it’s down and all of my outlets shut off… Including my freezer and reptile enclosures.

      Had I not been home this could have been a huge problem.

      Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

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      @zeroisnothing – sorry to hear.

      Looks to be back up for me now.

      Since I have PRTG watching my router, ISP, then next exchange hop I know it wasn’t my internet.

      Being reliant on a cloud that isn’t resilient makes for one to look for alternative solutions sadly.

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      Hey @Emporia !!

      My daily usage looks low today.

      You know if you gave us local MQTT *in_addition* to your cloud analytics I could sell my data back to you when your cloud goes down!

      So you know, your analytics customers could get accurate data 😉

      Don’t want to break your SLA to them :))

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      It is down AGAIN. WE NEED LOCAL API!

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