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      Our power company (FPL) bills us in a tiered structure. There is one rate for the first 1000 kWh and then a second rate for anything over that. I would greatly appreciate support being added for this so that my usage rate would match what my bill is.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @mandiola, Thanks for you feedback on tiered pricing. Providing customers the ability to enter tiered pricing is currently on our development roadmap, but right now we don’t have a specific release date.

      We appreciate your feedback and hope you understand that we’re working very hard to prioritize the many enhancements that have been requested.  

      If you like to know when new products and features are released, please fill out your name and email address on this form: http://eepurl.com/gxAMZv


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      This is a huge request for me too. I hate the tiered system, but my municipal energy plant also bills in a three tiered structure. The more you use, the more you pay…

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      Yes, it would be almost mandatory to have a tiered rate in order to calc my costs. Any progress? I will soon be a new user. Thanks

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @jdlyerly as more and more utilities add time of use billing options we know this feature is a must.  We are working as quickly as we can to get this software enhancement out.   Thanks for your feedback!

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      Ley us add own request to this thread. We too have tier rates.

      And solar surplus going back to the grid, changes every February today it’s just $0.02445/kWh

      Winter (Billing Months of November through May) 

      First 100 kWh per month @ 13.00¢ per kWh

      Next 400 kWh per month @ 8.60¢ per kWh

      Over 500 kWh per month @ 7.80¢ per kWh

      Summer (Billing Months of June through October)

      First 100 kWh per month @ 13.00¢ per kWh

      Next 900 kWh per month @ 8.60¢ per kWh

      Next 1,000 kWh per month @ 10.40¢ per kWh

      Over 2,000 kWh per month @ 11.50¢ per kWh

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      Adding my +1 to this as well.

      It would be very nice to be able to specify tiered pricing based on local utility.

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      Adding my +1 for TOU options.

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      There seems to be 2 requirements – tiered usage (TU) rates and time of use (TOU) rates  The sample of TU was explained above. I need at 3 tier TOU – non-peak, mid-peak and peak rates with time ranges with a minimum of 2 time ranges per tier. The utility current has defined the TOU as:

      1. non-peak: 1 range -7pm-7am

      2. mid-peak summer: 2 ranges – 7-11am, 5-7pm

      3. mid-peak winter: 1 range – 11am-5pm

      4. peak summer: 1 range – 11am-5pm

      5. peak winter: 2 ranges – 7-11am, 5-7pm

      6. weekends&holidays: 1 range – 12am-12am (24 hrs)

      7. All time ranges and rates must be enterable

      8. Winter/Summer date ranges must be enterable/selectable – specify months only would be fine – day of the month is not required

      e.g. Summer months: May 1- Oct 31; Winter months: Nov 1-Apt 30

      Let me know if your TOU requirement is aligned with this. At a minimum 2 ranges per TOU tiers are required for mid-peak and peak.  If I have to I could update the time ranges and rate at the beginning of summer and winter but that would be a pain




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      New user her on Vue2 as of last week. I was surprised this was not in the app already. I trolled the site for quiet awhile before I bought and saw a couple Blog posts about TOU. Now I have the hardware all installed and its not there.

      Not the end of the world just surprised.

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      It’s pretty sad that this hasn’t been added yet. It is a very basic and fundamental feature. I would have returned my unit back in February  had I known that very little development was going to be taking place.

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      Another vote for TOU and TU (configurable as one or the other or both simultaneously, since our wonderful PG&E likes to make things as complicated as possible).

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      This would be a great enhancement.  We also have a tiered & seasonal rate structure.

      Summer – May through October Usage

      First 600 kWh …..9.4088¢/kWh
      Next 400 kWh …..11.8088¢/kWh
      Over 1,000 kWh …..12.6088¢/kWh

      Nonsummer – November through April Usage

      First 600 kWh …..9.4088¢/kWh
      Next 400 kWh …..9.0088¢/kWh
      Over 1,000 kWh …..8.6088¢/kWh

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      You clearly do not live in California.  🙂

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