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      I’m a recent user of Emporia Vue Gen 2 and delighted with the information it provides.  It combines into a single display information from my 2 solar inverters, my Powerwall 2 and house circuit usage.

      To add meaning to charging costs, in my part of the world (Australia), the capability to base billing calculations on Time of Use metering would be very useful.  I’ve included a graphic showing how the metering tariff rate changes depending on the time of day.

      I’d like to see Time of Use metering incorporated into the app.

      Keep up the good work.

      Kindest regards

      Time of Use Example

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      With Time of Use officially rolling out here in Denver right now I’m surprised to see Time of Use features are virtually non-existent in the app! Being able to condition usage notifications on off/shoulder/peak rate time periods would be a small but good start.

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      BUMP.  Hopefully those at Emporia have noticed they are becoming more popular!  Features like time of use (and notifications for smart switches) are very important!

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      In the Emporia App today you can search for your Utility based on Location* and then select your plan and our app will apply those rates to your usage in the app.

      The Utilities and plans listed in our App are from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) database and many Utilities do not submit any information or update what they do submit.  You can use this link to search the database and see if your plan is listed and/or when it was last updated. We do not currently have a way to enter a custom rate plan in the App.


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