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      This is a recommendation to improve Time Zones

      I from Costa Rica, we are in UTC-6, according to app I have to select Central Time (UTC-06:00), but Central Time is on DST, so the time is incorrect. Due to DST I have to choose Mountain Time, but after DST ends I will have to changed it back.

      There are two options:

      –Add a checkbox to DST on/off

      –Add more time zones / countries (Costa Rica UTC-6) NoDST

      Regards, Alex

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      I am a new Emporia user and have been connected to a Vue Gen 2 since September 10th. I’m very satisfied so far, after 3 days. I’m from Paraguay, at the moment we are in UTC-4, but so that the time in the app is correct, I have selected UTC-5 and on October 3rd it will be changed to UTC-3. I support the request from “alexabarca”.


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