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      Hey All,

      Just installed my Vue and had a question.  I only setup 5 circuits so far and opened up the app.  When viewing Amps as my units I see total usage split between A and B which I assume is the two legs in my panel.  I also see the circuits I have setup all nested under B currently.  Does that mean all the circuits I have setup so far just so happened to be on the same hot leg or does the app not distinguish between the two legs?  Attached a screenshot.


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      In the amps view, you are seeing the total amps on each leg, but the circuits are not broken out per leg – just a big list.  So those shown can be on either leg.

      Know that the Amps feature is relatively new to the app, and has bugs.  It is also not really what it appears.  The Vue2 only sends real power to the cloud – the Amps values are just divided by an assumed 120V voltage.  Based on actual line voltage and type of load (resistive, capacitive, inductive), the reading may not match the actual amps flowing through the circuit (only if resistive load – and exactly 120V line voltage).  It also shows incorrect 2x current if you use a multiplier for single clamp 240V circuits.

      The Vue2 is an excellent and accurate power (W/kW) and energy meter (kWh), but presently missing things like real amps and power factor.  If you can switch to W view, that is how your energy company bills you, and that’s really where the device displays information correctly.

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      Makes sense.  Thanks.  I only asked because the individual circuits look nested as if it means something.



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