two 200A sensors but 3 holes?

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      I just installed a vue gen2 but I have a few problems:

      I followed the guide and in the first few steps where I’m supposed to connect the 200A sensors to the connections A, B or C. The guide doesn’t say which ones to use.
      Based on the picture I used B and C as they are closest to the antenna socket but this is VERY ambiguous. Can someone let me know where to put those 2 clamps? (and make the guide clearer please)

      We also have solar but right now it’s night and I’m still only seeing green bars, I was very careful with the orientation of the clamps but it seems something is still reversed or is this because of the B & C issue above?

      Speaking of solar, I have a big red and black wire coming into two linked breakers, I just connected a 50A clamp to the black one and used the 2x multiplier. Is this correct or should it be on the red one?

      If I need to move the clamp locations, do I need to first power off the vue or can I just unplug them and move them?


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      I had a chat with support in the app, was very helpful and got me sorted out right away.

      • For  anyone else with the same questions, the 200A clamps can go into any of the 3 ABC holes, does not matter at all.
      • The solar setup guide thing is currently not ideal, they were able to change settings for me after the fact to show positive and negative values properly.


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      Support, wow this is really cool if  the Gen 2 Vue can detect which phase a current sensor is on and match it with the voltage sensing input (black, red, blue wire) from the same phase.  Can you point us to where it says that, please?

      Voltage differs a bit for each hot leg and current typically differs substantially, so it is crucial that the Vue is doing the “maff” using the voltage and current reading from the same hot leg/phase.


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