Two small app bugs (Usage date, home screen scrolling) and some feature requests

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      Hi. Two small bugs in the app, that I haven’t seen reported yet:

      Configuration: Two 200A load centers, each with a Vue gen2 and 16 monitored circuits

      1. The first Vue started counting June usage on May 30. The second Vue is correctly counting May usage. Both Vues appear to have the correct time set (and time zone). If you look at any of the graphs the time reported on both Vues is the same and correct. A bit annoying that one of them is integrating usage into June and one into May.

      2. Scrolling to the bottom on the home screen jumps around uncontrollably. With two Vue gen2s open on the home screen, if you scroll all the way to the bottom quickly so that the rubber-banding effect happens (IOS) it flips twice, once sort of to the middle of the list and then all the way to the top. This makes it hard to see the “Balance” on the 2nd Vue. This doesn’t happen if either of the two Vues are collapsed on the “home” screen, but if both of them are open, this happens every time.

      Other than that, we are really enjoying monitoring our whole house! It has already sparked some repairs and decisions on what needs to be replaced. We have a couple of “feature” requests, some of which have already been requested by others:

      1. A way to combine two legs of a 240V device. Several of ours have unbalanced loads so we monitor both legs and would like to combine them into one reading.

      2. A way to combine two Vue2s into one. With two 200A panels, we have 2 Vue2s, but it is only one house. It would be nice to combine them so we can see “whole house” numbers for usage and balance.

      3. A way to “reset” the time region of the graph. If you scroll back in time a ways, there is no way to get back to “now” except to scroll back.

      4. A way to zoom-in on the y axis, rather than auto-scale. It is also not clear what it is choosing for auto-scale. It isn’t just autoscaling what is on the screen at the time, but is choosing some larger time window. Sometimes this is convenient, and sometimes not.

      5. A voltage monitor (display and graph) for each leg of the mains. I think it measures this internally.

      6. Graph of the “balance”. I can graph everything else, but not the balance. This would help to track down where the balance comes from.

      7. A desktop App or web page for usage data.

      8. A little bit of the AI used by the systems that just monitor the mains current. i.e. be able to rack up usage by device on each circuit. For example, the refrigerator is on a circuit with many other things, but it has a very distinct signature. That one is easy. I’m going to put a smart plug on it when they arrive today, but this is harder to do with hardwired devices.


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