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      The app has been updated and the ‘Other’ tab as been moved to ‘Balance’. However, it is reporting the wrong values. It shows huge numbers and the values make no sense. Something is wrong in the arithmetic. This is causing havoc in my usage data.

      Please confirm this and fix the problem!

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      Tempted to agree. There seems to be something a bit off with the “remainder” calculation and there’s also a “lag” or sensitivity issue. Not sure if the user above has solar, but particularly with that and any sort of positive <–> negative energy flow, it seems to fool at least the main 220/240v CTs. In the evening, when the sun is down/low and we’re cooking and otherwise using more juice, I’m still seeing a negative value overall. I can see the last vestiges of the sun providing a few 100w’s of power on that circuit’s CT and it seems accurate based on what my inverter is reporting at the same time, but we’re using more than that and both the main CTs and the “balance” are showing larger negative numbers than could be possible. The Solar/PV circuit on my Vue is the only one with a negative multiplier.

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