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      I just bought my first Gen 2 Vue, haven’t gotten a chance to install it yet.  I was in the middle of planning it out, and am wondering if I would be better off buying a second unit as well.

      I have a 42 space breaker panel.  There are 7 double breakers for 220v circuits being used and 22 regular breakers for 120v circuits.  That totaling 36 spaces being used up.

      I really want to monitor everything, and I don’t even like the idea of using the multiplier feature for the 220v circuits if I don’t have to.

      If I were to buy a second unit, can I use both together and at least get closer to monitoring everything with 32 CT clamps?  How would this be setup in the app?  Would I put the main CT clamps from both units on the main cables?  Anyway to account for this in the app so measurements don’t get doubled?

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      I have the same setup, with a large main breaker panel of similar circuit utilization as yours.  Even with two Vues 2 at 32 channels, some balanced 240V loads (AC compressor and EV charger) need to be doubled with one clamp – which is perfectly fine and accurate.  You don’t want to do that for unbalanced loads (those devices which have a neutral connection) or subpanels.  I’m able to just get by with 2 Vue 2’s and some single clamp 240V monitoring, and can catch the whole panel.

      I was advised by Emporia to not use any mains clamps with the 2nd Vue 2.  They actually made me a custom order where I was able to substitute them for two large diameter 50A circuit clamps for monitoring larger wires (going off to a subpanel).  Send them a chat if you have questions.

      With the setup above, for now you’ll see two Vue 2’s in your list with the respective circuits underneath each one.  At the top will also be the mains draw, as well as any solar production (if you have that).  For the Vue2 with the mains clamps, a balance figure will be shown – this is all the power for the 2nd Vue2 devices.  When you expand the 2nd Vue2, all those individual loads will be shown.  A negative balance (green color) will show also, since it doesn’t know where that power came from (since no mains clamps).  If you were able to catch every circuit, the positive balance for the main Vue2 and a negative balance for the 2nd Vue2 will match – so all the math works properly.  The devices connected on the 2nd Vue2 will not show any % figure (all zero), but they will show proper power.  Everything will log properly, just unfortunately your circuits are segregated by the two lists and not sorted together.

      Support for multiple Vue2’s in the same panel is supposed to be done better in a future update, as well as better support for 240V circuits (individual phase roll-up, no multiplier, one/two clamp selection, etc).  ETA unknown – have seen mentions of spring/summer, but now fall is approaching.

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      Have you seen any improvement on the app/UI for 2 VUEs on the same panel?

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      Sadly no.  There have not been any app or functionality enhancements regarding monitoring with multiple Vue2’s, nor better 240V circuit support.  Emporia’s focus seemed to be working on the EV car charger.  They also released a web site – in addition to the apps.  But all the functionality on the app remains fundamentally the same as it has been over the past 9 months ago.

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