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      Jim @Emporia
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      What are the installation requirements for an Emporia Vue?

      • A 60Hz 120V/240V split-phase electrical system
      • A 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router within broadcast distance of your electric panel
      • Knowledge of your Wi-Fi router SSID and password
      • A mobile device running iOS 10 (or higher) or Android 4.1 (or higher) with the Emporia Energy App installed and Bluetooth enabled

      Does the Vue meet National Electrical Code standards? Is the Vue certified?

      • The Vue energy monitor along with its power supply and current sensors are considered a system designed for field installation in a switch enclosure as per section 312.8(B) of the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) regarding Power Monitoring Equipment.
      • The Vue is considered a NILM (non-invasive load monitor) device and as a non-permanent fixture, it is acceptable to install in an electrical panel.
      • The Vue’s power supply is certified by Intertek with an ETL listing conforming to the UL 5085-3 standard.
      • The power supply for the Vue steps voltage down to below 12V.
      • Additionally, the Vue’s Wi-Fi chip contains FCC ID: 2AC7Z-ESP32WROOM32U, which complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

      Can the Vue be used without internet?
      The Vue has minimal local storage and requires a 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi internet access to send usage data to the cloud for processing and analysis.

      Will the Vue work in countries outside the US?
      The Vue is designed to work with 60Hz 120V/240V split-phase electrical systems. If your system differs from this, the Vue will still work. However, our wattage conversions will not be appropriate since we assume the system operates at 120V. Therefore, the usage displayed in the app will be off by a factor of the difference in voltage. Additionally, the Vue ships with a 120V to 12V power supply. Connecting it to voltages higher than 120V will likely cause the power supply to fail.


      How does the Emporia Vue measure my energy use?
      The Emporia Vue connects to the electric panel in your home with two current sensors that clamp around the 60Hz 120V/240V split-phase service mains and it also draws 120V power from a 15A-20A breaker inside your panel. The current sensors measure amperes through magnetic induction and convert to watts assuming 120V.

      Can I use the Vue to monitor a subpanel/multiple panels?
      Yes! The Vue is perfect for monitoring a subpanel and/or multiple panels. The Emporia app supports registration of multiple Vues where they can be named and monitored easily.

      Will the Vue work with 3-phase systems?
      Yes, the Vue can monitor light commercial 3-phase systems as long as each leg doesn’t exceed 200A (600A total). The purchase of an additional 200A current sensor from the Emporia Online Shop is required.

      How long are the CT Clamp cables?
      The current sensor leads are 5ft. (1.5m) long.

      What are the hardware dimensions?

      • Vue: 3.4″ x 2.4″ x 1.2″ (86mm x 60mm x 29mm)
      • Expansion Module: 3.9″ x 1.4″ x 0.6″ (99mm x 35mm x 16mm)
      • 200A Sensor: External: 2.6″ x 2.0″ x 1.6″ (66mm x 51mm x 41mm) Internal Diameter: 1″ (26mm) Cable: 5′ (1.5m)
      • 50A Sensor: External: 1.6″ x 1.1″ x 1″ (41mm x 28mm x 26mm) Internal Diameter: 0.4″ (10mm) Cable: 5′ (1.5m)

      How accurate are the Vue’s measurements?
      The current sensors supplied with the Vue are accurate to within 5%. The firmware and calculations made by the Vue are also accurate to within 5%. Overall, the Vue is at least 90% accurate.

      Vue Installation

      Can I install the Emporia Vue myself?
      The Vue must be installed inside your home’s electric panel. While this can be done safely, improper installation can be dangerous or even fatal. Installation should only be performed by a licensed electrician or other qualified professional in accordance with local electrical code.

      My breaker box doesn’t have a main breaker

      • Some circuit panels may not have a main breaker
      • You may have an older house that simply doesn’t have one
      • It may be located elsewhere between your electric meter and your panel
      • Use caution when installing the sensors, the service mains will remain energized whether the main breaker is turned off or not.

      My circuit panel is set into drywall. How do I install the Wi-Fi antenna?
      The Wi-Fi antenna installation is the same procedure, the antenna will just be hidden inside the wall behind the drywall.

      Does it matter which sensor is plugged in to which 3.5mm jacks?
      The 3.5mm jacks labeled 1 and 2 are for the two service main sensors. Either sensor can be plugged into either of the jacks. However, the 3.5mm jack labeled 3 is only for monitoring light commercial 3-phase systems with an additional 200A current sensor sold separately.

      Does it matter which direction the sensor is connected around the mains?
      If you plan to measure solar or battery generation, we suggest that you look for the K->L on the bottom of the clamp and install it with the L going toward the load (toward your breakers) and the K going toward the utility.

      What does the K->L label on the bottom of the clamps mean?
      If you plan to measure solar or battery generation, the sensors will need to be installed to measure directionality. Install the clamps with the L going toward the load (toward your breakers) and the K going toward the utility (toward the electric meter/solar panels).

      Can the sensors rest on the metal service main lugs/screws?
      While this won’t affect the performance of the Emporia Vue, we recommend that the sensors be located around the insulated service main wires, in case they need to be adjusted or removed at a later time.

      Can the Vue be powered with an AC adapter?
      Yes, if you’d rather power the Vue outside of your circuit panel, you can use a 12V AC adapter available in the Emporia Online Shop.

      Does the Vue work with combination circuit panels with meter sockets connected to the main breaker by a busbar?
      “Yes, but with qualifications. Some (but not all) customers have successfully installed current sensor clamps around the busbars. This strategy is best attempted where power from the utility meter can be turned off. Otherwise the busbars remain LIVE. Emporia also offers alternate flexible and spring clamp sensors available at

      Additionally, Emporia has developed another potential solution for customers with such systems AND who are served by a utility-owned “smart” meter. Anticipated for release in the fall of 2019, the Vue Utility Connect will communicate wirelessly with Zigbee-enabled AMI meters — and therefore will avoid questions around the ability to clamp around the busbar safely.

      Expansion Module Installation

      I’ve installed the Expansion Module, but there’s no signal. What’s wrong?
      Typically this means that the cable connecting the Expansion Module to the Vue is not plugged in all the way. Forcefully plug in the cable making sure the plugs are firmly seated in the sockets of both units. Then try power cycling the Vue and force closing the Emporia app.

      How do I monitor 240V dual-pole circuits?
      You’ll only need to use one sensor on these circuits. In the app, under Settings > Manage Devices > Vue and Circuits > Circuit Name, you can set a multiplier for the sensor to 2 to double one side of the 240V circuit.

      How many expansion modules can be plugged into the Vue?
      Each Vue can support one Expansion Module that provides individual monitoring for up to eight 50A circuits.

      How is the Expansion Module powered?
      The Expansion Module does not require separate power. It connects to the Vue via a 3.5mm audio-type cable.

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