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      I installed a Vue at my in-laws last Christmas. They have an all electric house, with a Jenn Air induction cooktop. The cooktop works well, and is new – the house was built in 2014.

      The cooktop can suck down quite a bit of power – 40 amps if all the burners are set to high. What was surprising was the idle draw- 360 watts! It didn’t seem possible, but I’ve confirmed with another clamp meter that the cooktop draws over 300w of power when cool, and turned off. The savings from flipping the breaker when the cooktop isn’t in use will add up quick.

      With data from the Vue we were also able to see the heat pump going into electric backup heat. We were able to convince them that running a second mini-split heat pump would save energy with graphs from the Vue.


      I’ve installed one in our house too, the price and and ease of setup can’t be beat!


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @compu85 thanks for sharing, we really appreciate the ways our customers are finding those “vampire” loads!

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      same here one year old Vampire Kitchenaid induction stove sucking an average 300 W when off on standby

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