Vue / ZWave interference?

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      Is anyone aware of, or had any problems with, ZWave devices going offline after installing a Vue?

      One of my ZWave devices keeps going offline.  It was fine for months after I installed it, and started misbehaving after I installed my Vue Gen 2.   There is no sensor on this circuit, but there is a Smart Socket, controlling something else, a few feet away from the ZWave device.

      The two things may not be related, it just started happening around the time I installed the Vue.  It’s difficult to diagnose.  I’ll have to one-by-one eliminate or move things.

      Just wondering if anyone has had similar experience?

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @jj613 we have had no reports of our Gen 2 Vue, or any of our other products, interfering with ZWave devices or causing them to go off-line.     The Gen 2 Vue only has a 2.4 ghz chip and bluetooth.

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      I have an Aeotec heavy duty switch controlling the hot water heater and connected to a Qolsys alarm panel. The alarm panel started reporting periodic device malfunctions after installing the Gen 2 Vue in the breaker panel a few feet away from the switch. Did not make the connection until after reading your post.

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      @1madsci in hindsight I don’t think the Vue was causing my ZWave problems.  1) It was useful that Emporia confirmed they haven’t heard other reports of this.  2) I replaced the metal junction box that the ZWave was in, with a plastic one.  That eliminated the problem.

      It’s possible that if a ZWave device has very weak signal and is just barely functioning, if you introduce a Smart Socket, or who know, any other Wifi device nearby, that might interfere enough to make it stop working.

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