Weird app data?

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      This forum software is not very good. But I managed to upload a picture of the software problem I am having. Emporia says I used 60kwh in less than 1 hour on a 20Amp circuit. What in the world?

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      I had this issue when I initialized the hardware but did not have >3kW load. Reset your app then make sure the oven is on and lots of load or funky things happen.

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      I don’t have an electric oven. I have had this running a couple months and never seen it before.

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      I have the same spike in my data as well, 5/16 at 2am MT.

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      I talked to support and they said there was a firmware update at about that time which could have caused the spike. They deleted the erroneous data (presumably, it hasn’t updated on my end yet), you might try that if you want to get rid of that blip in your data.

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      Thanks I contacted support and they said the same thing after fixing it. They also said they are working on a fix for the next release.

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