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      I’m considering getting a Vue for a cousin but I’m thinking they’ll need help with the analysis part of the product (e.g. what to change based on info). To that end, a couple suggestions

      1) Share account data with a friend. I want them to have their own account but be able to see their system in my account.

      2) Better suggestions built in based on what’s seen. Say a circuit is labelled fridge and is using over 1000kwh/year you could suggest a new fridge could save $xxx over the old fridge. This could be applied to old washers, electric hot water tanks (suggest heat pump), etc.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hey @ecofriendlycheapass-com! Thanks for the suggestions. First of all, thanks for your purchase and for your future purchase for your cousin. Second, sharing is a great idea we’ll pass it along to the product team. Lastly, as far as better suggestions, this is all on the roadmap and part of some of the notifications that we’ve been working on. It will also be integrated into the savings page. Thanks again for your suggestions!

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