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    I just registered to this forum t0 jump in as I agree with the others posters looking for local access or at least a good API.

    If cloud is critical for Emporia’s business, keep it mandatory and provide a dual path with local access to limited data at the same time. I don’t mind Emporia looking at my data. They probably need a lot of customers to get to the AI side of things soon and start using the power of the cloud and data aggregation.

    I am also in the HomeAssistant ecosystem. As mentioned a few post above, a big push is in the Energy Monitoring with the latest 2021.8 update. I had the Vue 2 ready to be ordered but pulled due to lack of API and local access. I was also burned with similar “cloud only” products (e.g. TrackPin, GooglePhoto, etc).

    I get it that most people want it to be simple and easy and that the app and the cloud make all that possible. However, how many people are “nerdy” enough to want to monitor their energy usage and take the time/effort to install such a system in their electrical panel? If you really want simplicity, look at the competition with AI and two CT clamps… For the ones who are ready for 16 CT and a mess in their panel, they are probably also looking at other home automation products.

    Emporia will win in the market place by keeping the cloud connection by providing new features and functions (bunch of smart things) using the cloud and integration with Utility providers. But they can also win with the Home Automation nerds by providing them with the basic data for their HA systems. Just provide us the “Current” from each CT clamp and “Voltage” from each legs and let us deal with the rest. We will then use your app and the cloud for the cool new features you will introduce and we will use Home Automation or other system for integrations and automations.

    Finally, please speed up the delivery of the official API. That may be enough to cool us all down.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)