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    The NEXT version of the VUE could trounce the $300 or more Sense and Eyedro competition if the Main unit had FOUR sensors, 2 for mains, 2 for solar.


    I would probably upgrade if it had that feature.  I decided against the sense and AI and identifying loads down to device by ”signature”. I am looking for PEAK power and possibly LOAD BALANCING / LOAD SHEDDING alternatives in order to estimate EITHER a generator or battery backup.  Don’t need the granularity others offer.  If I did, I would by more Kill-a-Watt outlet monitors.


    Or if there were a way to use the EXSTING THIRD / 3 phase input for one leg of solar (assuming both legs produce about the same amount) and a -2 multiplier ?  Then the next 8 sensors on the expansion pack could monitor as they do now and not have to re-design for bi-directional CTs

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    My name is Brian Edwards. Santa Cruz CA
    61 yrs old retired from portable barcode reader assembly, repair, tech support and sales. Also network admin etc…. Worked a few years at Radio Shack between barcode jobs. Tools, wires and meters strewn everywhere.

    Installed the VUE and EXPANSION in order to gauge loads / peak usage and estimate how big a generator or battery backup we need. 7 Kilowatt 11 year old Solar installation with 40 SunPower positive ground panels and an SMA SB7000 grid tied inverter. Service Entrance is a Challenger meter / load center combo with four breakers feeding 240 volt (split phase to 120) to two subpanels. The first four CT inputs of the expansion pack monitor the whole house.

    The Solar was spliced onto the load side of two breakers since there wasn’t room to add more breakers (I think that is how it should be done). I ordered the spring clamp / bus bar CTs for the mains but decided to open the utility panel and clamp the standard CTs AHEAD of the meter on 00 gauge ? wire. The standard expansion CTs didn’t fit one pair of heavy wires feeding the subpanel for dryer, range and cooktop so I ordered the LARGE diameter Cts. Set the multiplier for inputs 7&8 (solar) to minus one for good measure ? Will post photos once I get settled in.

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