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    I, too, eagerly await the ability to graph the “balance”


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    Hi. I’m Hank, and I bought my first Vue bundle today. Waiting for it to arrive!

    I did a lot of research to find a whole house monitor. I was expecting to get a Sense, but then read all the reviews for how frequently it failed to find devices, and how it had problems with variable speed motors, so I gave up on their AI and decided to go the direct route. Was delighted to find the Vue with a reasonable # of circuit taps for a reasonable price

    I’m now trying to figure out how many Vue’s I really need.

    For 240v circuits (heat pump, electric water heater, etc), I see that you now support having to monitor only one of the two Hots coming from a 2 pole breaker. I guess you are assuming that the current on each hot is the same, so you can use the multiplier to get a reasonable estimate of overall current used by the 240v appliance. Am I understanding this right?

    If so, then here is what I believe I need to monitor the significant circuits in my house. I have two panels. Panel 1 has: induction cooktop (240v), air handler fan (120v), central vac (120v), electric dryer (240v), furnace electric heating element (240v) x 2, water pump (240v), disposal (120v), oven (240v), EV charger (240v). Panel 2 has: heat pump (240v) x 2, fridge (120v), washer (120v), dishwasher (120v), pool (240v), hot tub (240v), electric water heater (240v)

    So, assuming I need only one tap for a 240v circuit, I would need 10 taps for panel 1, and 8 taps for panel 2. Sounds like I’m in good shape for penel 2, but I’ll need to put two Vue’s in panel 1 since I need more than 8 taps. Am I understanding this right? Any issue putting two Vue’s in the same panel?

    Anything else I should be considering, or alternative ways to set this up? Guess I could always try to not monitor 2 circuits in panel 1 (likely the disposal and central vac).

    If I periodically move a tap between two circuits, any way to let the app know which circuit the tap is connected to (so the app would permit more than 8 circuits to be defined per Vue, and would tally the current to the appropriate circuit based on changes I make to the app config)?

    Thanks! Looking forward to getting started

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)