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    And…one other thing. On my iPhone the information displayed on the graphs is almost non-responsive. When I try to scroll left or right to see data from a “day” or “week” or “month,” the graph is extremely sluggish. I often times cannot get it to move at all. When it does finally move it’s very difficult to control which makes it hard to select a particular bar on the chart. I frequently give up out of frustration. I have had my wife try the same actions to be sure it’s not just me, and my dead fingertip, but she has the identical experience. I do not have any similar problems with scrolling any other Apps so I’m assuming it’s an issue with the Vue App. Getting this function to operate smoothly would dramatically improve user experience.

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    I’m John. I began monitoring my new Massachusetts house because it’s all electric. Heat pumps for AC and heat, heat pump hot water, induction range, HRV ventilation, LED lighting and 10 Kw solar panels. Understanding my overall consumption and generation were a priority. I started with a competing product that had potential but couldn’t provide good device identification. It’s nice to know when power is being consumed, but if the device consuming it can’t be identified there’s a lot less value in the information. I acquired a Vue because it seemed to be much more specific in helping me identify high consumption devices. So far, so good!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)