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    Hey guys, I’m Matt. I bought a Vue last month and have been loving it so far. I just moved into a new house that had the old original thermostat (non-programmable) and not an LED light in the place. Just looking to keep an eye on what we are using and trying to make the house as energy efficient as possible! I have to admit it’s really addicting to watch the usage. I go into super ‘dad mode’ and walk around shutting lights off and seeing how far down usage goes. I used Vue to determine which lights are not LED by flipping them off/on and seeing the amount of usage. No need to get on a ladder and open the fixture if it’s already LED.

    I recently had some HVAC issues and used my Vue to troubleshoot the furnace. Instead of having to walk back and forth from the thermostat all the way down to the HVAC unit, I was able to see if it was kicking on or not from Vue while messing with the thermostat.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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