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      I’ve had one vue 2 installed on one of my chicken houses since last summer. The 1st thing I realized was that my 240v fans were reading twice the amp draw of what they should be. I chatted with someone who told me it was a known problem and they were working on a fix but had no eta. I was hoping after last update this bug would be fixed but it had not. Is a fix still being worked on? Is there any eta? Overall love the system, planning on installing in my other 3 chicken houses now that the notifications seem to be working right for me.

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      Hello @dbeam16 we are still working on trying to resolve this issue.   It has proven to be more difficult that we originally had thought.   The Amps are reported correctly the expansion circuits when using the app multiplier.   However, when it comes to the mains, at the Amp measurement we are trying to figure out how to properly identify ALL dual pole circuits so when those are energized the app/software will know to calculate amps correctly.

      Another option we are pursuing is showing amps on each phase, while this will not resolve the issue at hand, it will show customers the amperage on each leg of the panel.

      We really appreciate your feedback and hope you understand we are working as fast and hard as we can to resolve this issue.


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      Thanks for the reply. I can see how it would be difficult but I hope you keep trying. I put my expansion circuits on all my other circuits and watch the difference for my fans as there are 13 of them they would take up most of my expansions themselves. I can pretty well see what’s going on with the watts view but amps would be very nice.

      As far as notifications did something change on your end lately? They weren’t not working reliably for me before but now are working great. Thanks.

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