A “workaround” until there is a WEB app

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      There is a free Android “emulator” for Windows PC’s which allows you to run the Emporia app on your computer. I’m not a NOX power-user but I was able to install it on my Windows 8.1 computer and it appears to be working well. I’ve attached a sample screen capture.

      “NoxPlayer, is a brand-new Android Emulator, which allows users to run Android games on PC. Compared with traditional emulators, NoxPlayer is based on Andriod 5.1 and also supports Android 7.1, and compatible with X86 / AMD. With extremely high compatibility and stability, and extreme frame rate, NoxPlayer allows running high-performance and high-graphic mobile games on PC.

      By NoxPlayer, users can run mobile games on any Android version (Android4/5/7). With playing on a bigger screen and smart keyboard, users will get a better visual experience and keyboard control experience. With opening multiple instances, users can run multiple game accounts at the same time.

      With better visual experience, smart keyboard control, and controller support, NoxPlayer provides the ultimate gaming experience on PC. In addition, Multi-instance supports to run social apps and mobile games simultaneously. Furthermore, the easy-to-use macro, video recording, and script, will make you a game master.

      NoxPlayer brings great fun of mobile games to PC users.

      NoxPlayer official website:   https://www.bignox.com/

      NOX Screen Capture

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @adolfo2 thanks for sharing this.   Many of our customers already us ‘bluestacks’…its nice to see other options.    We are still planning on our own Web App and hope to have that launched sometime next year.

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      I have used BlueStacks with full success.  I’m old and have phat phingers so using my full-size desktop is wonderful.  Never knew it existed until it was mentioned here.

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      great to see some options – and will look at Bluestacks until you get your system on line.  Looking forward to it!

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      For those with Windows 10, you’ll be in luck if your PC supports Windows 11, coming in Oct/Nov 2021.

      Win11 will support Android apps!

      We’ll need Emporia to add their app to the Amazon Store, which is the mechanism Microsoft is using to curate Android apps.

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