Ability to customize when my monthly usage starts accumulating.

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Ability to customize when my monthly usage starts accumulating.

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      I like how the the home page has a lifetime usage and a monthly usage monitor but it would be nice if my monthly usage could be synced up with my actual power bill. For example my December bill begins on November 24th and it would be nice to be able verify my bill in real time at a glance.

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      This is a great idea. Definitely a requirement for comparison purposes.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Thanks @lstudz! We’ve had this request from a few other users. We know that setting the billing dates in the app is important and it is in our backlog.

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      I’d like to second this as priority.

      Our utility schedule does not begin the first day of the month so we can’t use the Emporia app in sync with out utility app. The only way to audit is to export the data to a computer and filter the billing cycle days to match.

      It would be great if we could adjust Emporia to track “monlthy” usage from a specific date, like the 21st of every month.

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      I started out with Neurio (now PWR view). Your work so far has been far superior for my overall monitoring. The only reason I leave Neurio installed and don’t buy a second Emporia to expand (no room in the panel) is the monthly electric bill estimation. That is very handy and a priority for me too. In Neurio I set the monthly start date and it automatically restarts on that day each month giving me the following info at a glance.


      Est. monthly bill

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      Yes, this would be really great if I can customize where my month starts and ends to sync with my utility bill. My bill starts at 10th of every month.

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      My utility company provides the following data which would be nice to input somewhere in the app to compare real data with the measurements…

      Start date, End date (58 to 65 day periods to complicate things), kWh/period, avg kWh/day, avg outdoor temp/period, total cost $$$ (incl tax)

      They also provide total values for the last 6 bills (last 12 months): total days (e.g. 369 days),  kWh/last 12 months, Cost/12 months

      So far, I compute the effective utility cost by dividing the overall cost. It changes every month, because there is a fix service rate (0.4593$/day)  for the service, in addition to the usage kWh cost.

      I believe it may be hard or complex to fully synchronize all the utility bill, but I believe the average data (kWh/d,  avg temp and avg cost) would be a great addition.

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      I agree with this suggestion. Let’s get it moved up the Feature Request list.

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      My utility provider (Oncor) in north Texas does not have a set date each month. Currently it is the 12th but next month could be 10th and then on the 11th. It is only a few days off each month, but that is significant when trying to analyze the bill.  So could the App permit the user to submit the start and stop date for current month… and then the app shows the data for that user provided dates.  The following month I might need to enter slightly different start stop dates.  What does not work is for a hard fixed date where every month it stops on the 12th of the month.  This feature needs to be flexible.

      Also, in Texas we contract with new providers every year and that causes new start and stop dates when we move to a new electric provider. Please provide flexibility for the user with movable/flexible  start stop dates.

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      Casting a vote for this feature as well. I just installed my Vue last night and I love it so far, but it would be really nice to be able to set my billing cycle up so that I can track it. Our billing cycles are roughly the 21st of the month, every 2 months.

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