Amp values shown are doubled for 240V circuits

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      I’m often monitoring 240V appliances such as EV charger & water heater. Everytime I use the Amps graph, it’s very annoying to see the displayed amperage as double of the expected values (because of the 2x multiplier). The other available graphs  showing Dollars and Watts (or kWh) are correct for 240V loads.

      Thanks, Denis

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      I’ve found a related post for this problem in the bug report section. (It will eventually be fixed by applying the x2 multiplier on Voltage instead of Amps.)


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @douellet  the Multipliers in the Emporia App are used to solve two issues by two groups of people. Some people want to maximize the 8 clamps of the Expansion Module. These people use the multiplier to essentially double a single leg on a two-pole circuit. In this case, the multiplier should affect both watts and amps to in essence double the clamp.  Some people want to change their readings due to a difference in voltage. Because the Vue does not measure voltage and assumes the voltage is 120V, these people use the multiplier to essentially match the voltage of their system. In this case, the voltage would only affect the calculation of watts and the amps would remain unchanged. At the time of implementation, we opted to double the readings across all units since the most common use of the multiplier was to double circuits. We’re working on a solution that will meet the needs of both groups of people.

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      Ric Werme

      My App is always set to display watts and watt-hours.

      This morning I switched to amps because the local well company is coming to deal with a well pump issue.  Last year I had all the inside stuff replaced, and the tech commented that the pump was drawing a bit more current than it should, about 6 amps.  I added my Vue since then, and I thought I’d check the amps display this AM to show the tech this Friday.  Oops – 12 amps.  I’ll still show him, along with a little handwaving and eye-rolling.  🙂

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