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      I’m in the UK, so on a 240v system. When the unit of measurement is set to amps, the readings seems wrong by a factor of 2.

      I did a test using a kettle which is rated at 1.8-2.2Kw at 240v which equates to between 7.8 and 9.2 amps. The normal draw for this circuit according to the app is a couple of amps, when i put the kettle on the app shot up to around 18 amps.

      If i take the figure of 18A, take off the quiescent indicated value of 2A that leaves 16A supposedly drawn by the kettle. This can’t be right, as the fuse in the plug is only 13A! I think the ACTUAL current draw is only half of that, as 8A seems about right based on the 1.8-2.2Kw rating.

      Consumption in amps


      When i switch to Watts as the unit of measurement it looks correct:

      Consumption in Watts

      Also, the quiescent draw is indicated here as 266w, which equates to 1.1A at 240v, yet the app shows 2.12A in amps display.


      Is this a known bug or have i got a setting wrong?


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      I just installed Vue 2, and I seem to have the same issue. I think the app just assumes the voltage is 110V, as in US, and ignores the voltage measured by the device.


      Is this an app problem? Will this be fixed?



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      Kevin @ Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi @baz069, @aruta

      We do have a bug in the app (currently) which will not show Amps correctly on systems with different voltages from ~120. The fix for this issue is in the works and should be deployed soon in an application update. This is the last calculation we have with the voltage preset, the rest will be dynamically reading voltage from measurements instead of an assumed voltage.

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      Thanks Kevin, good to know that it’s known about and a fix is imminent.

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      Hi Guys.


      i have just got the Vue 2 and started setting it up however im a bit confused as to weather i need to change the multiplyers on

      the Circuit CT’S.

      for example our ground floor ring main has 2 wires coming from a single 32amp breaker do i clamp the ct round both wires or just one

      and because the Vue is set up for american 120v do i need to change to multiplyer to 2 to take into account the 240 volts.


      i also have a hot tub, single phase 32amp supply, obviously i only clamp the cable coming from the positive breaker but do i change

      the multiplyer for that as well ? again to take account of the 240v in the UK ??




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