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      When smart plugs are nested below circuits, the Balance is not correct.

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      Just received my first set of 4 smart plugs yesterday and I noticed the same thing. On multiple levels, the math with smart plugs is totally broken in the current version of the app.

      On the “home” screen Smart plug power is subtracted from the circuit it is nested under, but then it is added to the total balance, which is just wrong:


      Circuit Kitchen            50W

      Plug 1: Refrigerator     200W

      ==> Balance (whatever your real balance is) + 200W (i.e. the value from Plug 1).

      Further!,  if you select “Kitchen” in the example above, the graph shows the full value of the circuit, in this case 250W, not a graph of the 50W “balance” for the kitchen circuit as shown on the “home” screen. This is just a strange design choice.

      To be consistent, it should probably look like this:

      Circuit Kitchen          250W

      Plug 1: Refrigerator 200W

      Kitchen balance   50W

      And all three should be graphable. I think the design choice that was made comes from what to do with the “percent” usage column. The concept is that you can add all the percent usage numbers up the column and they will equal 100%. Lots of ways to keep this consistent: 1) Don’t report a percentage for the aggregate “Circuit Kitchen”, just for the subcomponents. 2) Have the subcomponent percentages sum to 100% under “Circuit Kitchen” and fix the ambiguity with proper indentation, etc…

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      Hey @esauser and @fsporter,

      We’re aware of this bug and are working on a fix to deploy with our next App update. I’ve also sent your feedback to the team about further enhancements for the nesting functionality/accuracy.

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