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      Is there a way to clear the “history” associated with my Vue device?  I’ve tried deleting the device and then re-adding it, but the history is retained.

      I installed my Vue a few weeks ago and have been playing with the configuration, so many of the cumulative readings are very inaccurate.  This is especially true of the expansion module, since I have been moving sensors around quite a bit.  Once I get the Vue configured the way I want it I’d like to be able to clear the history so the cumulative totals make more sense.

      Thanks,  Chuck


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      Are you trying to reset data on a particular circuit from a 50A sensor (expansion pack)?

      I saw the “Reset Vue” option, but I didn’t try it. It sounds like it will reset and delete everything (all data from individual circuits).

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hey @Chuck, currently there is no way to reset the data on the app. We’ve have this feature on our roadmap. In the interim, if you would like for your data reset, simply send us an email at and we’ll perform the reset for you.

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      Yes I agree.  I want to be able to either “reset everything” or “reset a particular circuit” through the app.  Given only 8 monitors, sometimes I decide to move one- I want to be able to clear its history to avoid confusion.  Also of course, I want the main unit to support 24 instead of 8 – 3 extensions instead of one!!!

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi @toehser we are working on a software enhancement that will allow the user to delete their own history.   We expect this to be available later this summer.    As mentioned above, if you would like us to remove the history please send us an email to  specificy what you would like removed and we will take care of for you.

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      Was this ever implemented?

      Would be VERY useful.

      Please provide an update – and thank you!


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      Looks like this has been implemented: go to menu | manage devices | select device, then scroll to bottom of circuit list and select “clear data”

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