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      I have 400A service, which is split between 2 200A panels, not sub panels but 2 separate panels that are both connected to the meter in parallel.  I have a Vue in each panel, and one panel has solar.  I see my net usage for that panel only, and have to do math to substract the main usage from the other panel to see my real net usage.  I can’t do this when on a graph view as I can only see one panel at a time.

      I’d like to a Total of All Mains graph to see my total overall usage.  I’m sure this would be useful for those with multiple houses/meters as well.

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      If your panels are close (or relatively so), in the absence of a software solution, one thing you could do is parallel the CTs going into one of the Vue’s.  Get a 3.5mm Y audio cable, and combine the CT’s from the different panels.  May need some short audio jumper extensions also.  You do need to make sure you combine the same hot phases.  After hooking up this way, your one Vue2 will show you the total utility consumption, without any math.  The balance figure for that Vue 2 will then equal the negative balance total from the 2nd Vue2, which will no longer show any mains power since the mains CTs aren’t connected to it.

      The other way to do this is to clamp the main Vue 2’s leads around the 400A feeders.  That is, if the clamps fit, have enough wire length, and are comfortable accessing that area with the high power.

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      one is a Vue and the other is a Vue2, different size plugs.  I assume an adapter would work, still seems awkward, and other than experimenting I’m sure how to verify the legs.

      each feeder goes out to the meter separate, I guess pealing back some sheath is possible, but I don’t think  the clamp will fit around 2 wires.

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      I have the exact same situation and so do many others.

      I actually bought 3 Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitors:
      – main panel 1 with solar and all 220 appliances (dryer, pool, car charging, etc.)
      – main panel 2 with all 110 circuits (20 feet away from first panel)
      – sub panel of main panel 2 on opposite side of the house

      I talked to the Emporia team (BTW, they are awesome!) an was told the next version would have the ability to create a virtual house main panel in which you could add the main panel 1 and 2 as sub panels, but I guess it did not happen.

      This is a trick they could do on the cloud database (then of course they need to add the UI), but then one can really measure the house overall energy and match the house bill.

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      BTW, good customers like me (I bought 3 times already) who love the Emporia products and company (I am a software engineer too) would love to buy more starting with the EV charger, and of course the batteries. However, we can’t without that software enhancement as we cannot know the overall house energy is consuming or producing enough to charge batteries. So that is a pretty good RoI to boost sales, especially batteries as that is major league in terms of company profit and value. Make me a beta tester, my engineers do that to me all the time!

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      I’d be fine with it only being done in the app, just one item that adds up all the Mains.  Right now I’m making up for it using HomeAssistant and the unofficial API using a sensor template to add them up.  the app’s graphs are nicer than HASS’s defaults though.

      I’d totally be down for a BETA program.

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      Count me in too. Have 2 Vues, one on each 200amp panel. Would love to combine them in the app.

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