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      Hello, one of the cornerstone reasons I bought the Vue was to alert me when a pump hasn’t operated often enough.  I have a number of notifications set up and they trigger correctly, however I only get about half of them as notifications on my phone.   I think the emporia app is working perfectly fine, and the problem is my phone shutting down the app in the background.

      I’d like to suggest that notifications also trigger an email alert to be sent.

      This would take the reliance off of the app working correctly on a specific device to receive a notification and make the alert universally accessible.  Since there is no data stored locally, I assume the current alerts are pushed from the emporia server anyway.  With email alert, a user could also set up rules to forward that alert to multiple people/addresses and be received by various devices.  Email alerts are a fairly standard feature in other apps, I’m actually surprised they aren’t already an option.

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      Hi!  Great feedback and we certainly did discuss having alerts be sent via email as well.   We will look into this and see how we can allow our customers to choose their alert method(app notification / email notification).

      Just to clarify, are you indicating you are only receiving about 1/2 the notifications that are triggering correctly in the Emporia App?   Have you checked the phone settings and the app settings to ensure you have notification allowed even when the app is in the background.




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      This is useful for a number of reasons, but here’s another one: If I have notifications set for things like Stove On, Wash Completed, Dryer Completed, I can have my family members who are using those appliances, immediately attend to them (move wash to dryer, take dry clothes out and allow another wash to be dried, confirm stove is not still turned on and so on).

      Having push notifications that are configured within the app itself would be ideal, so I could get notifications directly from the app (and pushed to my smart watch), but then also add other “recipients” of those notifications, by adding their email address to the app, on a per-notification basis.

      Extremely valuable option to have!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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