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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff


      What are the app requirements for an Emporia Vue?
      A mobile device running iOS 8 (or higher) or Android 4.1 (or higher) with the Emporia Energy App installed and Bluetooth enabled

      Is there a subscription fee or other additional fees for the Vue?
      There is no subscription fee to use the app or the service. Just the initial cost of the hardware.


      I didn’t receive the email confirmation code when creating my account.

      • Check your Spam/Junk folder in your email app.
      • Double check that you entered the correct email address when creating your account.

      The confirmation code I received to reset my password didn’t work.
      Make sure you enter the 6-digit code as it appears in the email.
      Do not hit the back button at the top of the app, or you the code will be invalid and you’ll need a new one.

      Device Registration / Operation

      Why doesn’t the Emporia app find my Vue after I’ve installed it.

      • Ensure the Vue has power
        • Double check the power connector is securely plugged into the energy monitor.
        • Double check the power connector is securely connected to a breaker and the neutral bus.
        • Double check that the main breaker is turned on.
        • Double check that the breaker the Vue is connected to is on.
      • Ensure your phone can connect to the Vue.
        • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.
        • If you’re using an Android, you’ll also need to turn on Location Services for your phone to properly scan for Bluetooth devices.
      • Ensure the Vue’s Wi-Fi antenna has been installed properly.
        • Ensure that the antenna is properly screwed into the energy monitor
        • Ensure the antenna is outside of the electric panel. This may mean it is inside a wall. It should not be inside the metal box.
      • Try power cycling the Vue for 3 seconds by unplugging the power from it.
      • Try restarting the Emporia App.
      • Try rebooting your phone.

      The Emporia Vue can’t find my Wi-Fi router.
      The Vue can only connect with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. 5GHz networks cannot be seen by the Vue and are not displayed in the app. Ensure that the antenna on the Universal Connect is extended outside the electric panel, and there is a substantial Wi-Fi signal at your electric panel. Check to see if your phone has a Wi-Fi connection while standing next to the panel. If not, you may need a Wi-Fi extender.

      The Emporia Vue finds my Wi-Fi router but doesn’t connect to it.

      • Ensure you have the correct password for your router.
      • If your Wi-Fi router has dual authentication enabled, disable it.
      • Try exiting the setup on the Emporia Energy app and starting over.
      • Try resetting the password on your Wi-Fi router.

      The Emporia Energy app isn’t getting real-time data from the Emporia Vue

      • Ensure both Current Sensors (CT clamps) are securely fastened around the two incoming service mains in your electric panel.
      • Ensure the Current Sensors are securely plugged in to the energy monitor in ports #1 and #2.

      Why does the energy usage or load reported from the Emporia Vue by the Emporia Energy app seem low?
      Ensure that the Current Sensors (CT Clamps) are secured around the incoming service mains in your electric panel. You may have installed them around the feeds for a sub-panel or smaller breaker.

      Can I monitor my Emporia Vue with more than one mobile app?
      Yes, simply install the Emporia Energy app on the additional device and login with the same email address and password that you used to set up the Vue.

      What are the limits of the Emporia sensors?
      Our sensors have physical limitations. Each 200A sensor is accurate with high resolution between 2A – 250A (240W – 30kW @ 120V). And each 50A sensor is accurate with high resolution between 0.17A – 63A (20W – 7500W). When you go below those ranges, the 200A sensors will report about 100-150W of noise and the 50A sensors will report about 10-20W of noise. However, when in range, the sensors can resolve differences as low as a handful of watts. The app filters out this noise so you’ll see no load when the sensors are below the threshold of 20 watts for 50A sensors and 90 watts for our 200A sensors. However, if you download the raw data, you will see the reported noise – giving a slight discrepancy between the app and the raw data.

      Can multiple Vues be viewed together on the same app?
      Yes, you can name your Vues in Settings > Device Management. And you can see the usage for each device by clicking the 3-dot ellipsis in the top right of the Home page to choose which Vue to display.

      Does the Vue monitor voltage?
      No, the Vue assumes the system is 120V.

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by Jim @Emporia.
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