Hide inactive circuits on the Home screen?

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Hide inactive circuits on the Home screen?

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      Is there a way to stop circuits with no sensor from appearing on the Home screen?  I can’t find it.

      It would improve the usability to not have to scroll past many inactive circuits to see the Balance (unmonitored) values.  See screenshot.

      8 inactive circuits above the Balance

      I’ve never used a Gen 1 Vue, but perhaps for the 8 circuits max Gen 1 Vue and no expansion module, the app only showed 8 circuits and most people probably used all 8 since they had them so there was no inactive circuits listed.  Now that the Gen 2 Vue does 16 circuits standard but Emporia offers an 8 circuit bundle like what I bought, there are 8 unused circuits on the Home screen.

      What does everyone think?

      Emporia Dev Team, wouldn’t it be easy to add a “If no sensor, do not display on Home screen” attribute on the Circuit Settings screen or a global setting on the Vue Info screen?

      Gen 2 Vue with 8 circuit sensors, app version 2.4.07

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @OneMan this is something we can take a look at to improve the user experience.   Thanks for sharing your feedback on how the app might be improved.

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