Home screen displays my Vue in collapsed mode even after Smart Plug deleted

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      I used my Gen 2 Vue for a week and then added a Smart Plug as standalone.  Then I noticed that the app Home screen displayed my Vue collapsed with the Smart Plug right below it.  From then on, I had to tap the Vue line to get it to expand and show all the lines like it originally did without having to tap to expand.

      I didn’t like this presentation so I decided to remove the Smart Plug and add it back nested under Main, and then we were back to only one device on Home BUT the app still displays the Vue collapsed and I have to tap it every time, even when redisplaying after sleeping.

      Support, is the bug in the app in that it didn’t set/reset a setting when I deleted the standalone plug?

      Or is the bug in your server side data that is causing the app to think there are still multiple devices on the root level?  And can you fix it on your end?

      Else, what is the fix?  Reinstalling the app?  Does removing and reinstalling the app wipe the historical data and require setting up again all the circuit sensors names and multipliers and ditto for the Smart Plugs?

      In the meantime, is a word of warning to users in order? 

      DON’T SET A SMART PLUG AS STANDALONE.  Just nest it under Main, or under a sensed circuit.

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      As of last week, my app was back to normal and showing my only Emporia device, my Vue, in expanded mode, so it looks like this problem I reported has been fixed for me, at least.

      Support, can you confirm that there was a bug in the app, or in the service side code or data?  And what was fixed?  Or was just some service side flag/data for my account that a developer fixed by hand?  Or ??

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