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      I just ordered a pack of smart plugs and am wondering if HomeKit support is planned for iOS users who might want Siri integration.

      I know that there is Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, but my phone isn’t always listening for those.


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @jmonroe at this time we do not plan to integrate with HomeKit.   Unfortunately the requirements that are imposed by Apple  to allow our SMART plugs to  integrate at this time is not something Emporia is ready to implement.


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      Hi Marty,

      I realize this is an older thread, but with Apple’s HomeKit making more inroads with smarthome integration I wanted to check in and see if Emporia Energy has updated their position on HomeKit integration.  I’ve invested in tons of Emporia Energy hardware, and in my opinion HomeKit control of Emporia Smart Plugs would increase Emporia Energy’s market visibility and market share against over  products such as Wemo (which I believe are inferior).  Can you share with us what are the Apple HomeKit requirements for developers that Emporia believes are too onerous or demanding to implement?



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      I also support the integration of HomeKit, though there are solutions to integrate Google and Alexa with cross platform hubs (HOOBs etc). Th plug sin particular are an issue. I one case, I have a homekit plugged into my main outlet, then the Emporia Vue plugged into that so I can control it in my automations.

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      I also support direct Homekit integration.

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